Will of Phillip Lupo, 1668

Isle of Wight County, Virginia, Record of Wills, Deeds, Etc., Vol. 1, Part 1, page 96

In the Name of God, Amen, I Phillip Lupo, Senr. of the Isle of Wight County in Virginia being at present in health of body, intending God willing, for London in the Kingdom of England to look after certain goods, land & what else shall be found due unto me either as heir to Phillip Lupo, Goldsmith, my father or as heir to James Lupo my brother or as heir to Katherine Morecroft my sister lately deceased and being willing that this present estate whereby it hath pleased the Lord to endow me with here in Virginia should be disposed of after my death, not knowing how soon it may please the Lord to take up me, I therefore dispose of the same now in my present lifetime being in good health & perfect & sure memory, as followeth, Vizt: As for the present estate I now have in Virginia, it is my will that the same be equally divided betwixt my loving wife Marie Lupo, Phillip Lupo my eldest son & James Lupo my youngest son whom I do hereby nominate to be my joint executors equally & proportionally my said executors paying all such debts as I now justly owe in Virginia.

    Secondly, it is my will that my said executors or either of them pay & deliver unto Mary Ryall my daughter, after it shall be found that I am dead not returning to Virginia, one two years old heifer provided no estate be brought into the county or sent by me out of England & if any then shall for sent in by me on my order then no heifer to be paid but shall then pay to my said daughter 1000# of tobacco. And that this my will may be the better performed, I do request my loving friends William Webb and Robert Kea to see that same put in execution and to be done by their oversight & care.

    This being my last will and testament revoking and renouncing all former wills I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 8th day of March 1668.

Phillip Lupo

Signed & sealed in the presence of
us William Axum
Thomas F. Abbott

This will is proved by the oaths of Mr. Robert Kea and William Axum in open Court held for the Isle of Wight County the ninth day of February 1670 and then recorded.

Teste John Jennings, Clerk

Inventory of what Estate Phillip Lupo, Senr. is now possessed with, taken by the Executors within, this 8th day of March 1668.

Imprintis: one feather bed, bolster, one white blanket one red blanket, one red shag rug, so much carpeting & a _________ as will make three curtains, one flat bed, & feather bolster, one green rug & two old red blankets, nine pewter dishes, whereof one is a butter dish, three pewter dishes more, one pewter basin, five pewter parringers, one pewter flaggon, two pewter tankards, one pewter saltsetter, two _________, one chest, one small trunk, one meal tray, one new bed stead, one pair new sheets, 1600 lbs. nails, 500 of 20p. & 10p. nails or thereabouts, one small lantern, one great iron pot, & pot hooks, two small iron pots & pot hooks, one brass kettle, one small brass skillet, one brass candlestick, one brass skimmer, one chafing dish, one gridiron, one small one, one _______ candlestick, one iron spit, one dripping pan, one large dripping pan, one funnel, one grater, one frying pan, one pot rack, one smoothing iron, two iron pots, one pair of tongs, one braker, one earthen dish, two earthen pots, two handsaws, two iron hammers, two pails, one small form, one washing tub, one brass gimlett, one sifter, one old chest, one box, two iron wedges, one great auger, one pair of pincers, one gimlett, one parcell of hooks, & hinges, one parcell of old iron, two old tubs, five cows, two draught steers, one bull of 4 years old, cart & wheels & yolk & irons, two young calves, two brooding sows, twelve small pigs, & my plantation according to lease, one old brass kettle, one powdering tub.

This is a true inventory given by Phillip Lupo and required by us to take notice of. Witness our hands the day & year above written.

Phillip Lupo

Teste: Robert Kea

William Webb